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21 Apr 2014

How to Pose for Actor Headshots

Welcome back to my blog! If you’re reading this in an email, you might want to head over to HERE to get a proper look at the images! Over the next couple of entries I’m going to use a case study to look at how small changes in posture, expression and lighting can drastically change your headshots, as well as discussing what to look for when it comes to choosing your final headshots from a shoot that may well contain […]

25 Sep 2013

Actor Headshots: Studio Photography vs. Natural Light

There are many different approaches to headshot photography and one of the main differences between headshot photographers (other than price), is whether they prefer to shoot in a photography studio or to take actors outside and use natural light. I must admit I am a fan of both, though they each have their pros and cons. Outdoor Headshot Photography: Shooting outdoors has the advantage of making photos, particularly headshots, look more natural than their studio counterparts. This is largely because […]

12 Sep 2012

TED: Femto Photography; A Trillion Frames Per Second

Ever heard of femto photography? In this amazing TED Talk, Professor Ramesh Raskar unveils a camera developed by he and his team in the media lab at MIT, that can photograph a subject at a trillion frames per second. The video above demonstrates the camera’s ability to even record light itself as it moves across the frame as well as how this photon-imaging technology may one day lead to cameras that can see ‘around’ corners as well as inside the […]

09 May 2011

Unit Stills BBC Doctors

T’other week I had a delicious 5:30am start to get onto the set of BBC’s Doctors for 8 to shadow DOP, Ted Ames. I met Ted whilst working on Matt Chambers’ (Dr. Daniel Granger, Doctors) short film, For the Love of Eli. He invited me on set of Doctors to observe the logistics, creative and technical elements behind the low budget TV drama. The first thing that staggered me was the speed of shooting. Blocking and rehearsals were done in […]

10 Mar 2011
Day for Night Test

Test Shooting: Day for Night

Hi all! With a request from actress, Angela Peters, to create a portfolio of cinematic images with a dark action based feel, I trundled the kit down to Moseley Bog (a beautiful nature reserve where Tolkien took inspiration for the Shire in his books, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings) to have my first bash at shooting day for night. It’s a pretty straight forward process. Simply set the aperture and shutter speed to underexpose the environment to […]