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25 Sep 2013

Actor Headshots: Studio Photography vs. Natural Light

There are many different approaches to headshot photography and one of the main differences between headshot photographers (other than price), is whether they prefer to shoot in a photography studio or to take actors outside and use natural light. I must admit I am a fan of both, though they each have their pros and cons. Outdoor Headshot Photography: Shooting outdoors has the advantage of making photos, particularly headshots, look more natural than their studio counterparts. This is largely because […]

15 Apr 2013
Birmingham Event Photography - Focus on Imagin 2013

Birmingham Event Photography – Focus on Imaging 2013

So, as everyone in the photography industry knows, last week Focus on Imaging came to town and ran their four day trade show at Birmingham’s NEC. It was a fairly quiet turnout both from exhibitors and visitors but then again I did go along on the final day (hoping to see what last day deals were on offer)! First of all, I paid a visit to the guys at SmugMug. Smug Mug is a company I have recently started working […]

17 Aug 2010

Review: Seculine Twinlink T2D Wireless Flash Triggers

Thanks to my budget eBay wireless flash triggers dying on me during my last shoot, I have recently been scouring the net for a better alternative. Like most photographers, my first gander was at the infamous Pocketwizards. As amazing as they may be, the ball park figure of £300 per set was a bit too steep for my pocket and so I went in search for something a little more cash friendly. In the end I went with Seculine’s Twinlink […]

29 Jul 2010

Gregory Crewdson

Pretty much anyone who has been on some kind of photography course will have been introduced to the cinematic works of American photographer, Gregory Crewdson. Though many fine art and conceptually orientated photographers often do not appreciate his work that they might describe as ‘convoluted’ and ‘boring,’ I personally love it. Crewdson, though credited as the photographer to his images, acts in a way more analogous to a film director. Leading a production crew including a DOP, lighting and special […]