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30 Mar 2021
Portrait of Aimee Spinks Advertising Photographer

How to be a unit stills photographer

Hey there! If you’ve landed on this page looking to hire a unit stills photographer, head on over to my unit stills portfolio here. If you have arrived here from my ‘ask a stills photographer’ article, great! For even more in-depth knowledge on how to become a unit stills photographer, register your interest for my book or my exclusive 1:2:1 mentoring sessions below and I’ll be in touch! If you haven’t read the article, I absolutely recommend you check it […]

03 Mar 2021
Logo for online photo approvals app Image Approvals

Online photo approvals: the beginning of Image Approvals

As many of you know, back in 2018 I launched my online photo approvals platform, Image Approvals. The first movie to engage with us was Military Wives which I was shooting unit stills and gallery photography for alongside publicity firm, Organic. The producing and publicity team on Military Wives were struggling to know how to handle photo approvals – doing it manually using multiple folders or printed contact sheets just wasn’t an option as it would mean days of man-time […]

14 Jan 2021
Jeremy Sumpter in the movie, Take Down.

Billionaire Ransom

Being a stills photographer, one thing you learn is that you often have no idea which images have been used for a production unless you track them down yourself, and though you might expect an advertising photographer to shoot the poster if you haven’t been offered the job yourself, sometimes it’s your unit stills that make it instead, like for my first ever movie poster for the film, Billionaire Ransom. Waaaay back in 2014 – though in all honesty, it […]

02 Nov 2020

Black Friday Headshot Deals are coming!

Looking for some new acting headshots and want to get a great exclusive deal on your next session? I’m offering my email subscribers first dibs on the limited deals I’m offering this Black Friday! Want to secure your Black Friday Headshot before they go out on general sale? Drop your name and email below and get 24hr advanced access to one-time only Black Friday Headshot photography deals. As a subscriber to my emails, you will get 24hr advanced access to […]

29 May 2020
A person relaxing with one foot propped up on a radio

I’m on the Radio!

Earlier this week I was very kindly invited for a quick chat with The Electric Crush presenter, Judy Rosenfeld-Wisniewski who interviewed me as part of a segment on her show. Judy is such a great interviewer and in under 20 minutes we had covered everything from the business of stills, my experience on the set of Outlander, what it was like to work with Charlize Theron on The Old Guard, and much much more! So grab yourself a brew and have […]

10 Jan 2019

Sandra Oh wins Golden Globe!

It’s award season and I was so incredibly thrilled to see several actors I have worked with up for nominations. John C. Reilly, with whom I worked on the set of the Laurel and Hardy biopic, Stan and Ollie, was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical. Unfortunately, he was beaten by the very talented, Christian Bale, for his role in Vice.   BBC America’s dark yet funny ‘Killing Eve,’ did well and not […]

06 Sep 2018

I’m the Future Face of Arts and Culture!

Unit stills photographer, Aimee Spinks wins the award for the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Future Face of Arts and Culture 2018!

28 Jun 2017

How often should you update actor headshots?

This is probably the question I get asked most about actor headshots – how often should they be updated? The rule of thumb is to ask yourself: “Do I look any different to my current headshot?” That means…. Have you gained a few years? Had a few birthdays? It can be surprising how much we change in just a few short years and how that rate of change differs across age groups. Here are my recommendations for how often you […]

05 Jun 2017

How to prepare for your actor headshots

How to prepare for your actor headshot session… Your actor headshots are a key marketing tool for your acting career, so it’s important to prepare yourself in order to get the most out of your session. Here are some things you might want to consider: Think about your casting type. A good actor headshot is not only eye-catching but also successfully conveys an actor’s casting type. For instance, if you typically play edgier, authoritative or confrontational roles, you may not […]

05 Jun 2017
Behind the scenes

Interview with a Casting Director

Everyone wants to know what makes a great acting headshot. Well who better to ask than a casting director and a director? Sharon Sorrentino is a London based casting director with over 13 years’ experience in the industry, responsible for casting multi-award winning films such as The Journey, Grandfather and The Storyteller as well as authoring The Audition Room,  a pragmatic guide for actors offering tips and inside knowledge on how to land the audition you want. Tracey Street is […]