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19 Feb 2011

Shock Horror Magazine

T’other day I got a copy of issue 3 of Dean Boor’s Shock Horror magazine through the post. Shock Horror is a bi-monthly independent UK based Horror Magazine, made by fans for fans and recently featured a double page spread of actress and martial artist Zara Phythian. I’m happy to report some of my photos from the Stanley House shoot with Zara got in though not images previously released on the site, including the one below!      

22 Dec 2010

Winter Photos

Since moving to Birmingham and leaving friends back up north I’ve promised to put up photos of the local area. So when the snow came tumbling down I decided to head out and take some snaps. I don’t profess to be a landscape photographer nor one who particularly likes relying on natural light for shots so these feel more like personal snaps than any serious attempt at professional imagery. I have however taken the opportunity to experiment with different post […]

17 Aug 2010

Review: Seculine Twinlink T2D Wireless Flash Triggers

Thanks to my budget eBay wireless flash triggers dying on me during my last shoot, I have recently been scouring the net for a better alternative. Like most photographers, my first gander was at the infamous Pocketwizards. As amazing as they may be, the ball park figure of £300 per set was a bit too steep for my pocket and so I went in search for something a little more cash friendly. In the end I went with Seculine’s Twinlink […]

29 Jul 2010

Gregory Crewdson

Pretty much anyone who has been on some kind of photography course will have been introduced to the cinematic works of American photographer, Gregory Crewdson. Though many fine art and conceptually orientated photographers often do not appreciate his work that they might describe as ‘convoluted’ and ‘boring,’ I personally love it. Crewdson, though credited as the photographer to his images, acts in a way more analogous to a film director. Leading a production crew including a DOP, lighting and special […]

04 Jul 2010

Street Fighter: Legacy

By now, I’m sure most of you have come across the ultimate fan short that is Street Fighter Legacy. If you haven’t, check it out: [youtube url=”” full=”yes” ] SFL is the brain child of actor, film maker and action choreographer, Joey Ansah. Along with long time friend Christian Howard, who helped write the script as well as take on the role of Ken, the pair have created quite frankly the best screen adaptation of Capcom’s cult classic beat-em-up. What […]

02 Jul 2010

Doctor Who

Soooo it looks like Doctor Who may be making its way to Hollywood! I have to admit I’m in two minds about this one. As happy as I am to see Doctor Who get to the big screen it makes me wonder if the big budget treatment will ruin the fundamental appeal of the series’ crappy special effects, tongue in cheek story lines and the pepper pot baddies. Of course this isn’t the first Doctor Who movie ever made but […]

01 Jul 2010

Photography Blog: Update on Events!

Well I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the charity screening of Chee Keong Cheung’s feature film, ‘Twelve.’ It was the first event of its kind I’ve been to but I hope to enjoy more in the future! As I mentioned in my previous entry I had a couple of exhibitions coming up and I am pleased to announce that they were a huge success! After a cock up with the accompanying publication to the exhibition, I was relying on people to […]

16 Jun 2010