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18 Apr 2013
The Producers' Forum with Film Birmingham present a film networking event in Birmingham

Film Networking Birmingham

Film Birmingham & Producers’ Forum have partnered for the evening for ‘Production in Birmingham’. On Tuesday 23rd April, 7 – 9 pm at, The Council House, Victoria Square, Birmingham, B1 1BB Come and find out what’s happening in the City, meet Film Birmingham and register on their crew, facilities & locations database. Meet the people who are hiring and find out how to put yourself in the best position to be hired.  This event is just one Film Birmingham are […]

18 Apr 2013
Film Jobs London

Film Jobs London

***DO NOT CONTACT ME OR COMMENT ON THIS BLOG REQUESTING FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO APPLY – I AM POSTING THIS INFORMATION ON BEHALF OF THE COMPANIES BELOW AND HAVE NO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. ALL ENQUIRIES AND APPLICATIONS TO BE SENT TO THE CONTACT INFORMATION GIVEN IN THE POSTING*** Film Jobs London: Chocolate Films is a film production company with an extremely active outreach programme. The role of Filmmaker/Workshop Facilitator involves working as a lead filmmaking trainer on production-led workshops and courses, […]

15 Apr 2013
Birmingham Event Photography - Focus on Imagin 2013

Birmingham Event Photography – Focus on Imaging 2013

So, as everyone in the photography industry knows, last week Focus on Imaging came to town and ran their four day trade show at Birmingham’s NEC. It was a fairly quiet turnout both from exhibitors and visitors but then again I did go along on the final day (hoping to see what last day deals were on offer)! First of all, I paid a visit to the guys at SmugMug. Smug Mug is a company I have recently started working […]

12 Apr 2013
Crew Call - Catsnake

Crew Call: Catsnake

This is a crew call on behalf of Catsnake for a campaign film for a major UK charity. Any applications or questions should be submitted to [email protected] and not on this blog.   Disability Campaign Film It’s a campaign film for a major UK charity and is the centerpiece to fight government cuts to services for disabled people. The campaign has a lot of support and will be big news which is good because the cuts could leave people trapped […]

19 Mar 2013
Channel 4 Alpha Fund

Shooting People with the Channel 4 Alpha Fund

With my love of film, I recently went to a networking night held by Shooting People -an international networking organisation dedicated to the support and promotion of independent filmmaking. Shooting People have recently partnered up with the bigwigs at Channel 4 to help promote their Alpha Fund tour and as a result, Channel 4’s Avi Grewal was present to talk about the opportunities available to talented new filmmakers. Channel 4 are looking for emerging writers, directors and anyone else with […]

15 Nov 2012

Specials Photography: Before and After Editing

On Sunday I did a specials shoot for the Creative Film Network’s upcoming family feature, Guy. With a 5:30am start, we wanted to catch a glorious sunrise cresting the hill of our chosen location in Moseley Bog (the very same bog alleged to have inspired legendary Lord of the Rings author, J.R.R. Tolkien for his vision of, ‘The Shire’). It seemed we were in luck as there wasn’t any hint of rain as we set out with our lights and […]

12 Nov 2012

BBAU 2013 Winner: Layla Subritzky Photos

Huge congratulations to Layla for coming second in Big Brother Australia 2012! I had huge hopes for her winning it but coming away from a great experience with new friends, a new car and $10,000 can’t be bad! In homage to Layla, I thought I’d release a few more images from one of our fashion shoots way back in the day! This was from a test shoot we did in Manchester looking at the hide and reveal nature of lace […]

10 Oct 2012

The Invisible Woman Movie

  Back in June, I got in touch with legendary stills photographer, David Appleby, to see if there was any chance I might be able to assist him during any of his upcoming work. I am a HUGE fan of David’s photography and his prowess with a camera has seen him work on over seventy different feature films across a 40 year career. Shooting the likes of Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Junior and Arnold Schwarzennegar, David has worked with legendary […]

18 Sep 2012

UK Film Jobs: Runner / Production Assistant

Hi all! For anyone interested in getting any experience with a London based production company, Catsnake, are currently looking for office and on set runners to cover a period of filming. Deatils are as follows: We’re looking for a Production Assistant to job the team on a temporary basis as we have a few projects overlapping. — ABOUT US — We’re based in Ealing Studios and we make web-based films for companies and charities. In the past our films have […]

12 Sep 2012

TED: Femto Photography; A Trillion Frames Per Second

Ever heard of femto photography? In this amazing TED Talk, Professor Ramesh Raskar unveils a camera developed by he and his team in the media lab at MIT, that can photograph a subject at a trillion frames per second. The video above demonstrates the camera’s ability to even record light itself as it moves across the frame as well as how this photon-imaging technology may one day lead to cameras that can see ‘around’ corners as well as inside the […]