Big Brother Australia 2013 Layla Subritzky Photos by Aimee Spinks -Unit Stills Photographer

BBAU 2013 Winner: Layla Subritzky Photos

Huge congratulations to Layla for coming second in Big Brother Australia 2012! I had huge hopes for her winning it but coming away from a great experience with new friends, a new car and $10,000 can’t be bad!

In homage to Layla, I thought I’d release a few more images from one of our fashion shoots way back in the day! This was from a test shoot we did in Manchester looking at the hide and reveal nature of lace with the images reflecting this element of tease. For the full finished work, check out the blog on my fashion site at:






And for one more bonus photo – here’s a  shot where we had fun playing around with multiple exposures. It had nothing to do with the fashion brief but was just a bit of fun on the side!


Check out my earlier blog entry here for more photos of Layla, or check out my fashion work at for the full Manchester Lace shoot!

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