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02 May 2013
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars Photos

A colleague and friend of mine recently shared a link to some fantastic Star Wars photos: behind the scenes images from George Lucas’s ‘The Empire Strikes Back.’  As it’s such an epic film that brings about a fair bit of nostaligia to a lot of people, I thought I’d share them with you. The images appear to have come from various sources however it is worth noting that the official photographer for the film was George Whitear who later went […]

10 Oct 2012

The Invisible Woman Movie

  Back in June, I got in touch with legendary stills photographer, David Appleby, to see if there was any chance I might be able to assist him during any of his upcoming work. I am a HUGE fan of David’s photography and his prowess with a camera has seen him work on over seventy different feature films across a 40 year career. Shooting the likes of Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Junior and Arnold Schwarzennegar, David has worked with legendary […]