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11 Apr 2014

Actor Headshots: How Do You Like Yours?

  Actor headshots are a very particular niche of photography that requires a completely different approach to other forms of portrait photography. A good actor headshot photographer will not only know how to take a technically good photo, but also know the standards required by the acting industry when it comes to format and style. Actor headshots for Spotlight, Casting Call Pro and independent casting directors must all meet certain expectations in order to be considered for submission so it […]

11 Jul 2013
Aimee Spinks: Headshot Photographer

Headshot Photography Birmingham: August 2013 Offer

Summer is here! Who’d have thought we were actually going to get one this year? With all this unprecedented heat, the hair will be cut, the beards shaved and those of us fortunate enough to tan instead of burn will be looking a lot more exotic. So why not show off the new you with some fantastic new headshots? To celebrate the heatwave I am offering 3 additional images FREE with any headshot photography session booked in August! Going away […]