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14 Jan 2021
Jeremy Sumpter in the movie, Take Down.

Billionaire Ransom

Being a stills photographer, one thing you learn is that you often have no idea which images have been used for a production unless you track them down yourself, and though you might expect an advertising photographer to shoot the poster if you haven’t been offered the job yourself, sometimes it’s your unit stills that make it instead, like for my first ever movie poster for the film, Billionaire Ransom. Waaaay back in 2014 – though in all honesty, it […]

14 Feb 2014

The Slate Show

The Society of Motion Picture Stills Photographers, or SMPSP, is home to some of the greatest stills photographers of our time, including my personal inspiration, Jay Maidment. Recently, the SMPSP has put together a collection of its members’ shots that capture the ubiquitous slate. With images that span decades and reveal a glimpse inside some of the industry’s most recognisable films, this collection of work is a nice little piece of film history. Below are some of my favourite shots […]

10 Oct 2012

The Invisible Woman Movie

  Back in June, I got in touch with legendary stills photographer, David Appleby, to see if there was any chance I might be able to assist him during any of his upcoming work. I am a HUGE fan of David’s photography and his prowess with a camera has seen him work on over seventy different feature films across a 40 year career. Shooting the likes of Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Junior and Arnold Schwarzennegar, David has worked with legendary […]