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Photography Blog: Update on Events!

Well I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the charity screening of Chee Keong Cheung’s feature film, ‘Twelve.’ It was the first event of its kind I’ve been to but I hope to enjoy more in the future!

As I mentioned in my previous entry I had a couple of exhibitions coming up and I am pleased to announce that they were a huge success! After a cock up with the accompanying publication to the exhibition, I was relying on people to find my nicely stacked pile of business cards for contact details and it looks like all of them were taken from the first show in Manchester!

Last night was the opening in London, which although didn’t have as a big a turnout at Manchester, did see a lot of industry professionals through the doors. Ben Trebilcook; screenwriter and producer who I am looking forward to working with on his new script for ‘Candy,’ popped along to check out the work (and pinch the free beer!). Ben also introduced me to some of his actor friends whom I also look forward to working with later this month. In all it was a successful night from which I may have gotten a few jobs as well as print sales and I look forward to the next time I can exhibit my work.

Currently I am in the process of doing a spot of market research (keep checking back for future blog entries for your chance to participate!) for a niche service for the acting industry that is at present unavailable anywhere. I am also looking to update my portfolio with work more relevant to the path I want my career to take so keep an eye out for gradual changes on the website and new work emerging!