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19 Mar 2013
Channel 4 Alpha Fund

Shooting People with the Channel 4 Alpha Fund

With my love of film, I recently went to a networking night held by Shooting People -an international networking organisation dedicated to the support and promotion of independent filmmaking. Shooting People have recently partnered up with the bigwigs at Channel 4 to help promote their Alpha Fund tour and as a result, Channel 4’s Avi Grewal was present to talk about the opportunities available to talented new filmmakers. Channel 4 are looking for emerging writers, directors and anyone else with […]

12 Nov 2012

BBAU 2013 Winner: Layla Subritzky Photos

Huge congratulations to Layla for coming second in Big Brother Australia 2012! I had huge hopes for her winning it but coming away from a great experience with new friends, a new car and $10,000 can’t be bad! In homage to Layla, I thought I’d release a few more images from one of our fashion shoots way back in the day! This was from a test shoot we did in Manchester looking at the hide and reveal nature of lace […]

18 Sep 2012

UK Film Jobs: Runner / Production Assistant

Hi all! For anyone interested in getting any experience with a London based production company, Catsnake, are currently looking for office and on set runners to cover a period of filming. Deatils are as follows: We’re looking for a Production Assistant to job the team on a temporary basis as we have a few projects overlapping. — ABOUT US — We’re based in Ealing Studios and we make web-based films for companies and charities. In the past our films have […]

28 Aug 2012

Big Brother Australia 2013: Layla Subritzky Photos

Would you look at that! Layla Subritzky, one of my favourite models to work with from back in the day, up sticks and left Manchester for sunny Brisbane earlier this year and after only a few months of Aussie living, she’s now well and truly in the national spotlight after making herself the first Brit to ever stay in the Australian Big Brother House! [youtube url=””  full=”yes” ] Layla is such a bubbly character who I know will get on […]

09 May 2011

Unit Stills BBC Doctors

T’other week I had a delicious 5:30am start to get onto the set of BBC’s Doctors for 8 to shadow DOP, Ted Ames. I met Ted whilst working on Matt Chambers’ (Dr. Daniel Granger, Doctors) short film, For the Love of Eli. He invited me on set of Doctors to observe the logistics, creative and technical elements behind the low budget TV drama. The first thing that staggered me was the speed of shooting. Blocking and rehearsals were done in […]

02 Jul 2010

Doctor Who

Soooo it looks like Doctor Who may be making its way to Hollywood! I have to admit I’m in two minds about this one. As happy as I am to see Doctor Who get to the big screen it makes me wonder if the big budget treatment will ruin the fundamental appeal of the series’ crappy special effects, tongue in cheek story lines and the pepper pot baddies. Of course this isn’t the first Doctor Who movie ever made but […]