When to renew your actor headshots?

When to Renew Your Actor Headshots

Rocking a New Look?

I often get asked “when should an actor update their headshots?” The answer is simple: do you still look exactly the same as you do in your most recent actor headshot?

This is where you have to get brutally honest with yourself: take a deep breath and admit that if yes, you may have put on a few pounds and accrued a few more wrinkles since your last headshot session ten years ago, it may be time to get some more done.

Age, weight, tattoos, piercings, hair – whatever may have changed since you had your last actor headshot; any potential casting director needs to know about it. Make sure that the person they see in the headshot that got emailed to them is the same person who walks into the audition.


Had a few more birthdays?

Time is the enemy of us all and we can’t help but change as it passes. The amount of change however varies between age groups and from person to person. Assuming you’ve had no drastic hair changes or gotten tattooed and pierced (in which case, book a headshot session now!) below is my recommended guide on how often you should renew actor headshots, but always ask yourself this question: do I look different from my current shots? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to renew them. If you still look pretty much the same, you can probably hold off a little longer!

Children under 10

This age group is the one that requires the most frequent updates to actor headshots as children grow and change at an incredibly fast rate. It is recommended that child actors update their headshots every 6-12 months. When you’re buying them clothes the next age up, think about getting their headshots updated!


Teens are still changing and developing each year so it is recommended their headshots are updated every 12 months. This is especially important when younger teens start transitioning into older teens and begin developing more adult features such as developing curves and facial hair, as it dramatically changes their casting type.


From 20 years old and upwards, I recommend updating actor headshots every 1-2 years. This frequency is recommended as not only will looks change, but so will your casting type as I mention in more detail further down. In addition to this, a casting director may get bored seeing the same headshots over and over. A fresh one can be the prompt the casting director needs to look at you again and see what new work you’ve been involved with.


Change of direction?

It’s not just a change of look that indicates it’s probably time to renew your actor headshot but also if you find yourself having a change of direction. Take Zack for instance. When he first came to me last year, he was a sweet, clean shaven, second year actor at Birmingham School of Acting. Back then he was going for the fun and endearing boy next door look; young, sweet and perhaps a touch naïve.


As you can see; when he came back to me last month to renew his headshots, not only was he rocking a totally different look but a totally different direction for his acting. Now Zack is going for the brooding, edgy guy with attitude and this totally comes through in his latest actor headshots.

Zack is a great example of how different you can look between headshot sessions so it’s important to keep evaluating your current style both in terms of appearance and goals as an actor! Your casting type should always be at the forefront of your mind when getting your headshots done as this is what you want to be selling to a casting director. Speaking of casting directors, why not check out my recent interview with casting director, Sharon Sorrentino and director, Tracey Street, where we discuss exactly what they look for in a headshot and what decisions they make when going through the process of selecting actors for audition!

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