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I've photographed hundreds of actor headshots over the years. Here are the great reviews some of them have left behind! If viewing on mobile, please click on an image to more easily scroll through the headshot gallery.

"Working with Aimee is great: she is great, professional, funny and she knows exactly how to get the best out of you! She understood me as an actor and as a person directing me in a really comfortable way. She helped me a lot in choosing the final headshots. I received excellent quality photographs and I really enjoyed the whole afternoon spent with her!" - Salvatore Langella

I was referred to Aimee Spinks through Birmingham School of Acting and I'm so glad I found her! She was easy to make an appointment with, and communicate with in terms of what I was looking for in my actor headshots. She explained how everything would go and everything did go just like she said it would which made me feel very comfortable and relaxed from the get go. I found Aimee professional and friendly. She gave great direction; her use of imagery to get the appropriate look was great! But to be honest she's just a nice person all the way around. She and I had such an nice time, her direct and encouraging manner was just what a newbie like me needed! She will snap as many photos as needed until she gets the right shot. (I ended up with lots and lots of fantastic shots, more than I had anticipated)! She tells you what doesn't look good, and what does. She allows you to participate in the process, as much or as little as you like by showing you the shots along the way on the camera so you can understand what she means when she says, "look down, turn left, arms back, chin up." Her rates are incredibly reasonable, especially for students. I left the session with a wide variety of amazing photos. I would wholeheartedly recommend Aimee to anyone in need of new acting headshots. All in all, it was the best experience I could have imagined. Reasonable rates, great location, great service, beautiful outcome. Thank you Aimee." - Rebecca Currie

My daughter had her first photo shoot for actor headshots with Aimee. Aimee was incredibly helpful and professional, my daughter loved the experience and we are delighted with the results. All the photos were good, we were spoilt for choice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aimee if they want fabulous photos!

"Great professionalism and guidance from Aimee, which is just what we needed as my daughter has never had professional head shots before. Macey really enjoyed the session and we are all really impressed with the photos and how quick we got them." - Nicole White

"I am so happy, both with the finished photo selection, and the afternoon I spent with Aimee. She takes all the awkwardness out of having a camera pointed at your face (something so many actors feel uncomfortable about, as it can be so exposing). She takes time to suss out exactly what it is that you want, and works effectively and professionally to get the best out of you each time. You feel relaxed, confident, and like you're having so much fun! She knows the industry inside out so you end up with amazing quality photos that fit current trends and show your true self. I've learnt a lot about how to present myself in front of the lens in future, and I recommend her 100% to anyone looking for new head shots." - Charlie Reilly

Aimee is just wonderful to work with, relaxed, professional and the session flew by really quickly. Aimee will always go through the images throughout the shoot and gives great advice and direction that makes for great actor headshots. At the end of the shoot she will help you decide which headshots best reflect the looks you are going for. I would definitely go back to her again and would highly recommend. - Courtney Gabbidon

"Working with Aimee was great. She was friendly, approachable and professional. She made me feel totally at ease throughout the shoot and she took what I asked her for on board and produced some great actor headshots for me that I'm delighted with. Would definitely recommend her and would love to work with her again!" - Tegan Westall

"Aimee is a fantastic photographer and an exceptional person. She is very easy to work with and was really quick at returning my edited photographs. I'm not usually comfortable in front of a camera but Aimee made the whole experience effortless. She has a lovely, natural way of directing even a difficult client like myself to get the most out of the shoot. I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the experience. Also, I must add that I lost my phone on the day and Aimee went back outside in the cold to look for it which shows what a lovely person she is. Thank you Aimee!" - Shabnam Rajah

Worth more than a 5 star rating! I have never enjoyed having my acting headshots taken until I met Aimee. Aimee made me feel at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The headshots came back and are absolutely fantastic. Worth every penny. If you're looking to get new actor headshots, then you really can't do much better than Aimee. A true professional and people person - James Bryhan

"I had the best time at my headshot session with Aimee last week. She is so amazing at her job I couldn't recommend her enough. She really helped me express the different kinds of characters I wanted to capture and helps so much with industry insight. I am so happy with the finished head shots! And couldn't have met a nicer photographer to work with, felt at ease instantly ☺️ UPDATE- After an incredibly quiet period in terms of auditions, my new headshot 's have only been on my Spotlight page for two days and I have already got an audition for a really exiting new role. My agency are convinced it is because of the headshots, a good outdoor look really is what casting directors look, and because Aimee was able to capture a different vibe in each of my headshots. So happy!" - Bethany-Antonia Clarke

"'Aimee is marvelous! Her superb attention to detail, professionalism and warmth shone throughout the shoot. I find I am nervous whenever I have a new set of head shots taken, however Aimee was brilliant at working to get the right range of looks for my casting and I still looked like me! The results were just what I wanted and excellent value for money, I cant recommend her enough!'" - Laura Tipper

"Anyone needing headshots, AIMEE SPINKS IS YOUR LADY!!!! She produces a diverse range of crrrrrracking images, effortlessly getting the best out of you through her supreme knowledge of the industry teamed with bucketloads of infectious charisma and charm!! I spent a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with Aimee, and she made what I thought would be a difficult thing into the most COMFORTABLE and FUN experience. What more could you ask for?! Get in touch with this superwoman of a photographer NOW!!!" - Tom Edwards

"If you're looking for amazing head shots, Aimee is the person to go to. I had so much fun shooting with her, she makes you feel super comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, and above all else, she takes superb photos, really capturing the essence of what you want from a headshot! Highly recommend her!!" - Nicole Miners

"I absolutely loooooved working with you Aimee! You really know how to make someone feel comfortable and you're such a good photographer! The photos are absolutely amazing! I would definitely recommend and would work with you again!" - Muyiwa Ibie

"Aimee is a fantastic photographer! I thoroughly enjoyed my day with her, she was professional, easy going and all round a pleasure to work with. This was my first time having headshots done, Aimee did exercises to ease me into it, using people, images and stories to connect to, it was very playful and relaxed. My headshots are absolutely brilliant, she has a real eye for it and I completely trusted her opinion when helping me choose the final ones. Would recommend Aimee to any actor who is looking for headshots, you don't have to go to London, she is brilliant. Thanks again Aimee!" - Natalie Simone

"I'm so glad I went to Aimee for my actor headshots. I wasn't sure what to expect at first as these were my first professional headshots I'd ever had done, and so I was quite nervous. However, as soon as I met Aimee and we began talking about what I wanted from the session, I realised there had been nothing to worry about, she really does know exactly what she's doing! She quickly takes the awkwardness out of the situation and spends the entire time making sure that she is getting the results you want. I would definitely use her again when I need to update my actor headshots!" - Helen Denning

"Had an amazing time working with Aimee; she makes you feel at ease right away and knows how to get the best out of you. Loved my final photos at the end and got them within 1 working day! Will definitely recommend to anyone who needs headshots doing!" Beth Adams

"Had a great time today with Aimee Spinks having my actor headshots updated - I love them! Aimee is so professional. Really puts you at ease and knows how to get the best out of you! Aimee really has a great eye for actors headshots and helped tremendously - Would 100% recommend!" - Nick Owen

"Aimee Spinks is everything an actor needs for their headshots. She helps discover what works best for you for your shoot, whether that be through character work or the technical aspects of how to feel and look comfortable in front of a camera. Aimee's knowledge of backgrounds and colouring is exceptional, as well as her ability to adapt to when the lighting changes (In my case, the sun coming in and out during our outdoor shoot). She even adapted to a bunch of guys walking into our shoot asking for a picture without missing a beat. Couldn't be happier." - Zachary Paul Lawrence

"Fantastic actor headshot session outdoors! Felt so relaxed and Aimee is a professional at what she does! Great outcome of shots and would recommend her to everyone!" - Sarah Stanford

"I applied for an audition in London with a hideous photo I was using to supplement a professional headshot until I got one and they hadn't replied (obviously) then ten minutes after I got Aimee's headshots and sent them to them, they gave me an audition! This is Aimee working her magic! " - Oakley Flanagan

"My daughter Tessa has never had professional actor head shots done before. Within minutes of meeting Aimee, she was laughing, relaxed and completely trusted her. Aimee was able to give Tess help to think about the characters she would like to portray in the future and how to express this in a subtle way. The final headshots have exceeded our hopes and we are all delighted with them. Thanks for a wonderful experience." - Lisa Morris

"I had a fantastic time working with Aimee. Easy going, fun, and totally ready to adapt to your needs. Whenever I had any ideas Aimee was really happy to go with them and work with me to find a headshot we were both happy with. She made me feel really comfortable and relaxed, and we had a good laugh during the shoot. I got edited versions of my chosen headshots just two days after the shoot, and they are looking fantastic. Brilliant value for money, you just can't go wrong!" - Ellie Rushton

"The great thing about Aimee is that, as well as getting great actor headshots, her number one priority is to show your personality through her photography and to get the best out of you, showing real life 'behind the eyes'. I learnt so much from just the one session for future reference and how to bring the best out of me towards a camera lens, which can be a daunting experience for most but Aimee makes you feel right at home. A talented artist and a lovely person! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" - Roddy Lynch

"I came to Aimee needing some very specific head shots, and was looking for a very particular look, and boy did I get them! As soon as I arrived it was clear Aimee knew exactly how to get the best out of me. Within 15 minutes, we were shooting and getting exactly what I needed. High quality head shots showing that little something behind the eyes! I am absolutely thrilled with the final product and Aimee is a delight to work with. In fact, there were some photos where I was smiling too much because we had such a laugh! Would not hesitate to use Aimee again, and would definitely recommend her! If anyone wants further information, feel free to contact me. Thank you Aimee!" - Torin Pocock

"Aimee is a fantastic and professional headshot photographer who offers everything you need. Aimee's work is a prime example that it is not necessary to go to London or spend ridiculous amounts of money for acting headshots. She made me feel very comfortable throughout the shoot, and was always striving to get the right shot. I am over the moon with my head shots and I would recommend Aimee to everyone. Thanks Aimee!" - Jaime Seal

"Went for my headshots today and she was just fab. She has so much knowledge and understanding of the acting industry and thus what I needed. Lovely shots capturing a variety of characters. She created scenarios for characters' expressions that I was portraying and the fact she is a lovely lady was the bonus. Worthy of all her success!" - Tiegan Rice

"Aimee is an expert in what she does, she's incredibly creative and she genuinely made the shoot a really fun process. Her enthusiasm and positivity really helped me to relax and be myself in the shoot which made my headshot seem genuine and natural. She is able to get round pretty much any sort of problem. (I usually have a lazy eye on photos so she used clever ways of shooting so my right eye looked normal, I don't even know how she did this but she did!). The only difficult thing about the shoot was choosing the final headshots. Actually that wasn't difficult at all because she gave great advice in which one's to choose. I'd seriously recommend Aimee for anyone looking fora Birmingham headshot photographer!!!" - Matthew Socci

"Thank you for my actor headshot session! I had a fantastic time! I am thrilled with the images you have created. I will definitely recommend you to my friends, thank you so much Aimee xx" - Bethany Ward

"My first time getting professional headshots done and I was pretty nervous, but Aimee made it so easy and comfortable for me! She really listened to what I wanted from the photos and was a real pleasure to work with. The end results speak for themselves; I'm so thrilled with them! 100% would recommend to anyone looking to get some done!" - Bobbi Blaza

"Aimee was such a pleasure to work with. She was always ready to offer professional advice and her warm and friendly approach put me immediately at ease. The session was fantastic as are the final images. I would definitely work with her again and highly recommend her!" - Bethany Westwood

"Aimee was great! I definitely made the right choice working with Aimee as she taught me a lot and was very helpful with this being my first time getting my actor headshots done. A true professional who I would definitely recommend." - Corey Quinn

"I had my acting headshots taken by Aimee last week, it was my first time posing for a headshot so I was pretty nervous but Aimee was so friendly and put me at ease straight away - I ended up forgetting all about being self conscious and really enjoyed the shoot! I absolutely love my photos!" - Katie Hodgin

"Choosing a photographer to take photos for the all important actors head shot is not easy. But, the professionalism and communication from Aimee was totally brilliant! The photos were delieved to us within 24 hours and were everything we were hoping for. Most importantly Tia thoroughly enjoyed the session! I would highly recommend spinx photography to all actors requiring new headshots!! Thanks again" - Donna Watkins

"Aimee Spinks was, amazingly easy to work with & instantly made me feel at ease during the photo shoot, allowing us to take some truly authentic acting headshots. Aimee made the process easy & fun. I recommend, Aimee to anyone. 10 out of 5!" - Chris Cusick

"My daughter got offered an audition just days after getting her new actor headshots updated by Aimee! Couldn't be happier!" - Elodie Pearce

"These were my first acting headshots and Aimee couldn't have made it easier and more enjoyable! Very personal and achieved exactly what I was looking for. I am incredibly pleased with the outcome! Highly recommend!" - Matt Pettifor

"I very much enjoyed working with Aimee. She did my first set of actor headshots and she was full of knowledge and advice, as well as being contactable and approachable. She is easygoing and very professional, and I would recommend her to any actors looking for a set of headshots." - Lisa McKinney

"Aimee is an awesome photographer and a lovely person. I felt so comfortable with Aimee and have absolutely no regrets in choosing her to do my actor headshots." - Chloe Haynes-Thompson

"Working with Aimee was an utter delight, you feel at home with her in any environment and after the session you share together it is as if you have known one another all your lives. She really gets to the root of who you are and what your casting is as the shoot runs its course, so much so that it is almost therapeutic! She really goes above and beyond the call of duty and I admire her infectious enthusiasm and shining passion for what she does. I would highly recommend Aimee Spinks, she's the best in the biz!" - Angus Villiers-Stuart

"Never have I been made to feel so comfortable, relaxed and directed so well in a Headshot Session! Cannot recommend Aimee highly enough! Will defiantly be using her again! Amazing experience!! Thank you!" - Alexandra Parkes

"We had an amazing afternoon with Aimee yesterday. She is so easy to work with and she brought out the best in Calum, helping him to channel different characters to give the photos a different feel. We ended up with nearly 300 photos all of which I would have chosen! Aimee helped us whittle these down, til we chose 10 of the best. With her knowledge of casting she was able to help us choose a range of images which Calum can use for different roles. I would highly recommend Aimee and I'm sure we'll be booking another session in the not too distant future." - Ruth Howard

"What a fantastic woman to work with. Completely professional, and I can't stress this enough she made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed. Great experience would recommend to anyone!" - Catherine Dybell

"I had a photoshoot with Aimee and the results were fantastic! We had a great morning working together and she is very approachable and lively to help you feel comfortable and at ease. She is so lovely to work with and she is patient when going through all the shots afterwards. Aimee will direct you through the shoot and give advice if needed to help you fill your goal in what you are trying to achieve. I got my chosen photos back within the day which is a brilliant turnaround as she did need to do some editing. I will be definitely use her skills again in the future!" - Imogen Archer

"Absolutely loved working with Aimee. She is friendly, fun and professional. I felt so guided throughout the session, and also afterward when choosing which shots to use. Her expert advice is astounding, and so essential. She really knows her stuff and is so encouraging - I came away with a fresh burst of energy and motivation, for which I'm so grateful. Aimee has a magical way of capturing expressions and drawing out personality traits that you wouldn't even know you possessed! If you're hesitating about getting your actor headshots done, like I was at first, don't, just do it! Go to Aimee." - Stephanie Grey

"I was so nervous about having my first professional headshots but Aimee made me feel so comfy straight away. She was so encouraging, friendly and professional I immediately felt in very safe hands. She has an excellent way of bringing out the best in you! I thoroughly loved the experience." - Grace Deavall

"I couldn't be happier with my new acting headshots from Aimee Spinks. I've never had such an effortless, enjoyable, and professional session as this. Aimee is an expert in her craft and the only difficult thing is actually choosing which photos to use. I really do think around 80% of over 250 photos would have made a fantastic headshot, so getting down to my final 6 was very interesting. From expert advice on what to wear, to tips on what casting directors are looking for, this is a service which ticks all the boxes. Thanks Aimee, my Spotlight and Imdb profiles are looking better than ever!" - Simon Crudington

"Quality headshots and amazing shoot!" - Christopher Rutter

"Working with Aimee on my actor headshots was a great experience. I couldn’t be happier with the final result of my headshots and the actual shoot was loads of fun. She brings buckets of experience and clearly a whole load of passion. Will definitely be booking another session when I need new headshots." - Charlie Woodhead

"When I met Aimee for my headshots she was very welcoming, polite and knew how to capture how you wanted to portray yourself. Aimee is very professional, making sure you happy with everything and even talks about what you want from your pictures before the session. I would HIGHLY recommend Aimee to take your headshots." - Katt Pearson