Specials Photography: Vigilante Sneak Peak!

Well it’s been a mad few months prepping for, shooting and editing the stills for Rob Ho‘s Vigilante stills production, but finally all 115 final stills have been edited and are now waiting to be sequenced alongside a further 240 shots taken for a timelapse for the short film.

The project follows Rob’s character, Tao Lee, and documents his internal struggle with the overwhelming guilt and blind rage he experiences when realising the truth of what he has become after the death of his 4-year old son, Archie.

The aim of the project was to shoot stills in a way that could not only stand alone as an almost comic-strip-esque story telling but also be able to be sequenced together to form a short film. I have shot the stills and hope to edit the short in such a way that it does not simply resemble a slideshow to music but actually feel in some instances like footage.

Composer, Matt Walch, is creating a score to the short and together we are hoping to create an audio-visual narrative that explores the psychological states of the characters rather than being too literal and descriptive.

The short will be a while in coming yet and I’m hoping to release everything together so you may have to sit tight for the whole shoot, however here is a sneaky peak of some of my favourite shots: