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08 Jul 2015

Dance Photography: Adam Rutherford

One of my passions outside of photography is dance, particularly contemporary dance. I was therefore really excited to be approached by the director of the RDC Youth dance company, Adam Rutherford, to do a portfolio of dance photography images for him. With formal dance training, international performances, residencies, coaching and now working as the artistic director of RDC Youth, Adam’s experience and vision within dance is inspiring. He is currently trying to raise money to support his next residency in Berlin where […]

08 Aug 2014

Cinematic Architectural Photography

If you are reading this in an email, head on over to to see the images in their entirety       I must admit that being a photographer of people, I’ve never really had a particular interest in landscape photography. Where this line blurs however is when it comes to architectural photography – there’s something about strong geometric lines in constructed spaces that really appeals to me. It just looks so strong, so neatly organised (maybe that has […]