New Location for Actor Headshot Photography!

Thanks to my buddies at Tip Top Photography Studios, I am pleased to officially announce a new location available for my actor headshot sessions: ‘The Gem!’

Based in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, ‘The Gem,’ is a privately owned dilapidated building with the most amazing character and colours in its highly textured walls! It’s an ideal location for those who want a shoot in natural light but without having to contend with the risk of rain and wind that threatens to reschedule the session you’d built yourself up for! It also offer the option for a mix of natural and studio lighting so you can see which works best for you!

With The Gem being one of three possible locations for an actor headshot photography session with myself, how do you know which one to go for? Well here is a little look at the options so you can decide which is most suitable for you:



Actor headshot examples: studio photography

The Studio:


  • Lots of lighting options
  • A plethora of backgrounds to choose from
  • No bad weather to contend with!
  • Sessions are private
  • Changing room and bathroom (yes chaps, you can shave your beard off half way through the shoot!)


  • Not always available at short notice
  • Less textured backgrounds


Ideal for:

  • Mature actors
  • Traditional and stage actors
  • Actors looking for work in commercials
  • More serious casting types



Actor headshots: natural light examples

 Outdoors (my own secret park location!):


  • Beautiful natural lighting all year round
  • A plethora of textured backgrounds
  • Bathroom area for changing
  • Weather permitting, it’s always available at short notice
  • Some of my favourite images have been photographed here!



  • We’re at the mercy of UK weather
  • Restricted shooting hours in winter (we need the sun!)
  • Photography takes place in a public space (though the spot I use is usually quiet)


Ideal for:

  •  Young actors or those wanting a fresh faced contemporary feel
  • Screen actors
  • Casting types that are youthful, vibrant, energetic and friendly
  • Actors needing shoots done at short notice




Birmingham actor headshot photographer


The Gem


  • Great natural light with varied looks
  • Studio lighting also available for a mix of styles
  • Great colours and plenty of textured backgrounds
  • No weather to contend with
  • Private shooting and changing areas



  • As a dilapidated building it can get cold in winter months
  • No bathroom facilities (some are available at the studio over the road)


Ideal for:

  •  Everyone!



Let me know which locations you prefer! Don’t forget you can find out more about my headshot sessions HERE and if you decide to book a shoot, here’s how you can say HELLO!