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26 Apr 2013
Film Funding: Crowdfunding

Film Funding

Funding is always a difficult part of the filmmaking process, especially for independent producers and start-ups. Creative England have very helpfully created a list of resources to help you meet your film funding needs, whether through loans, grants or other investment options. http://www.creativeengland.co.uk/index.php/funding/ Or why not try and crowdfund your project through websites such as Kickstater, Indiegogo, Sponsume and Wefund? Crowd funding works on the idea that many hands make light work: lots of little donations adding up to become […]

15 Nov 2012

Specials Photography: Before and After Editing

On Sunday I did a specials shoot for the Creative Film Network’s upcoming family feature, Guy. With a 5:30am start, we wanted to catch a glorious sunrise cresting the hill of our chosen location in Moseley Bog (the very same bog alleged to have inspired legendary Lord of the Rings author, J.R.R. Tolkien for his vision of, ‘The Shire’). It seemed we were in luck as there wasn’t any hint of rain as we set out with our lights and […]