Aimee Spinks: Unit Stills & Actor Headshot Photographer


Unit Stills Photographer:

Armed with her Aquatech sound blimps, Aimee Spinks is a female unit stills photographer with experience across a wide palette of production genres and formats. From live entertainment shows to multimillion dollar feature films, Aimee is flexible to your needs and can provide a stealthy presence on your set.

Have a look at Aimee’s unit stills photography HERE


Behind the Scenes Photographer:

Though Aimee often also captures behind the scenes photography whilst hired as a unit stills photographer, Aimee has also been brought on board several productions specifically to focus her time capturing what goes on behind the camera and thoroughly enjoys documenting the creative process.

Browse Aimee’s behind the scenes photography HERE


Theatre Photographer:

Applying the same discreet approach as when working on a production set, Aimee can provide high quality theatre photography of your production’s next show. Shooting during dress rehearsals in order to capture the heart of the performance without disturbing the cast or audience, Aimee’s theatre photography can help you promote your next show to help attract a larger audience.

View Aimee’s theatre photography HERE


Headshot Photographer:

When not working on set, Aimee loves continuing to work with actors by providing high quality Spotlight ready actor headshot photography whether in a studio environment or out on location using natural light.

Have a look at Aimee’s headshot photography HERE